Kazan metro


Metro in Kazan is the first and still the single one, launched in new Russia. It consists of one line of 10 stations, the total length is 15.8 km. It has appreciable differencies from ohter, soviet "subways". Light-grey and silver trains, no interval hours, smart-tokens and much more. Kazan metro, like the city itself, is being actively built and gives hope of a good future.

Unfortunately, all pages are only in Russian!

History of metro
The past and present of Kazan metro.

Future of metro
The future of Kazan metro, projects.

Journey through the stations
Pictures and descriptions of all Kazan metro stations.

Metro history in dates.

Information about Kazan trains.

The history of different types of tickets and the change in price.

Collection of different Kazan metro maps.

Sounds of metro
Audio ads in train cars (in mp3).

  Authors: Aksenov DmitryGelio, Gatiatulin Askar.


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