Dnepropetrovsk metro



Dnepropetrovsk metro is the youngest and the smallest metro in Ukraine.It was launched on the 29th December 1995 and consists of 6 stations, located on one line, whose length is 7,1 km. The metro is entirely located in the right-side part of the city and is not very popular with inhabitants, as it is not very long.

Unfortunately, all pages are only in Russian!

History of metro
The past and present of Dnepropetrovsk metro.

Future of metro
The future of Dnepropetrovsk metro, projects.

Journey through the stations
Pictures and descriptions of all Dnepropetrovsk metro stations.

Rolling stock
Information about Dnepropetrovsk trains.

The history of different types of tickets and the change in price.

Collection of different Dnepropetrovsk metro maps.

Sounds of metro
Audio ads in train cars (in mp3).

Video about metro
A collection of films and videos on Dnepropetrovsk Metro.

 Authors:  Dmitry Aksenov, Oleg Totsky and Аrtem Kostyuk.


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